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Hard-line discipline? Really? Petersen doesn't know hard-line discipline. This how a new coach establishes hard-line discipline.

Smoak makes that play.

Goneyard22 Learned it all from you, Savs, and Skeer. Could never wear that crown without thanking you for showing the way.

EasternShoreMsFan Wish somebody would throw at his head. Last time, he took the next pitch deep.

Goneyard22 I think I said I wouldn't trade him unless it was for a bat like a Stanton because of what you would have to package with Elias to do it.

Goneyard22 Nah, he had to shut up Savs. Are you saying you wouldn't trade Kuma for Stanton?

Goneyard22 Yeah, he should have package Walker and Paxton for him. Isn't that what you would have done?

TheSkorpion Savannah is back pitches?

At this pace, Kuma might make his self-imposed 77-pitch limit in the 5th tonight.

Savannah is back There he is. The main cheerleader for the M's and GMZ. Gotta love GMZ right Savs?

over on the east side Where's Savs. His guy Moron Morales is back in town. He should be very happy with GMZ.

@TheSkorpion I don't know how to call this one. Pryor was struggling to get his form back. And it looks like he's been passed over. The question about Morales is: Will he be happy to be here? I mean the guy did everything he could not to re-sign here. This had to be like a cold slap in the face to him.

JaeElArr over on the east side nw4ever55 Good point. Not only that, HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE HERE.

@over on the east side @nw4ever55 If you say so. I'd say the guy is an idiot. Left $14 million on the table and got $5 million.

Well the pro-trade people have to be ecstatic with GMZ. And all the haters who kept bringing up Morales as a need. Well GMZ heard Savs. You got your man. Happy?

Don o van nw4ever55 skeer Who have they ever traded when they've been in contention. Not one of their stars.

Pixel13 nw4ever55 gkmaximus Well they must be better than yours because he certainly looks tanned in the photo.

Don o van nw4ever55 skeer And that big arm will be? Not Price now the Rays have moved into contention. So got any ideas?

Hey dude, you mean we can't just squat here? Wow, man. That's not cool. Laws? Wow man, you mean we gots ta follow some laws? Hey man, come on. Can't a poor dude just make a buck?

Pixel13 nw4ever55 I actually have attended the UW to do graduate work. And, since I've completed it, I'm actually an alum or at least that's what they tell me every time they ask me for money. So most likely I have more of right to comment than you do.

Don o van skeer Why not wait and see if Taylor can cut it. Miller and Franklin both had/have great numbers in the minors. It's a big step from Tacoma to Seattle. Let's see Taylor play under the big lights before anyone gets traded.

@Hambone72 @nw4ever55 Well what would have happened would have been between me and my old man. And wouldn't have ever involved you.

Hambone72 nw4ever55 No, I didn't imply he would have beaten me, that's where your mind meant. And my dad and my family isn't the topic here.

Hambone72 Whatever you think. My dad raised 6 kids. One who died defending our country. None of us others have ever been in trouble with the law. Whatever my old man did he raised his kids to be good people in the community. And none of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren have been in trouble either. So you think 6 months out of football is punishment? I'll bet any of the kids around the country who got hurt during spring ball and can't play this season would tell you where you can take that idea and put it.

PURP nw4ever55 Well PERP. Here's the deal, when I went to school on scholarship, I never did anything that put the school I was at in a bad light. And if I had, my old man would have yanked me out and the punishment would have been far greater than this joke. But that's society today. Easy and weak.