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gerhal Yeah I guess being 10 games over .500 in the last 10 days of August isn't good enough for you.

PURP nw4ever55 No but your momma does.

Savannah is back hindsight = 20/20 vision.

Savannah is back And we know who you are betting on.

The Lakewood Pragmatist Savannah is back Normally I agree with you Lakewood, but not this time. Look at what has happened to the A;s since Brad Pitt decided to trade his clean-up hitter. There is a legitimate chance now that the A's won't make the playoff when they seem assured of winning the division before the trade. That speak volumes for what Cespedes meant in that lineup.

alexandrajade It has to be someone you don't plan to use in the playoffs because if they are not on the MLB DL they are only playoff eligible if they are on the roster on Sept. 1. That would mean everyone on your list but Mauer could be sent down. I'm guessing Mac would want him guaranteed on the playoff roster. Best option would be to find a way to keep Saunders on the DL and leave him in Tacoma. Then he would still be eligible for the playoffs.

Ryan, you aware that M's received notice today from MLB to start taking playoff ticket orders from season ticketholders?

Gain an edge? How do you gain an edge when every other Pac-12 coach was already doing it? Don't you gain an edge by doing something the others are not? I guess Petersen is trying to figure out why he has one of the worst recruiting classes in the Pac-12.

Impressive recruit: Lifts the UW to No. 63 in Rivals, 57th in 24/7 and 50th in Scout. Impressive indeed. Petersen is sending shock waves through the Pac-12 recruiting.

@22 @nw4ever55 @JaeElArr Don't have to point to anything. Because those are only numbers. If you went by the numbers every night, the M's would give up less than 3 runs every game. So you can take the paper numbers and smoke them. This is MLB and every team has quality players regardless of their record. Tonight the M's came out flat and are getting slapped for it. Game isn't over yet, though.

northcoaster Go ask Mac if he thought this was an easy game. Only in the minds of fans would anyone see this as an easy win. There's no such thing before the game is played.

22 nw4ever55 JaeElArr I call em as I see em. Yes he had 7 walks but you can't overlook the FACT that he pitched his way out of trouble when he had to. Ramirez would have gotten killed by the LH in this lineup. You can say differently but I doubt very much that Ramirez would only have been down 1-0. Just like with Leone, the Phils hit RHPs very well and Ramirez doesn't pitch well on the road. Not saying Elias does but he was only down 1-0. Not 7-0 which is what you might expect from the comments. Not the case.

The big negative for the offense is that they are swinging at too many first pitches. They aren't working this guy into any mistakes.

22 nw4ever55 JaeElArr Yeah you're being overly negative. He pitched poorly but he was only down 1-0 even with 7 walks. That means he made big pitches when he had to. Now he had to because of his wildness but he wasn't as bad as the ripping in here makes out. He pitched very well in spots when he had to.

JaeElArr nw4ever55 And that got the M's down 4-0?

JaeElArr nw4ever55 What you missed is that he pitched well when he was in trouble. No big hits.

Bet you guys would like Elias back now.

Semians nw4ever55 Right in 4 innings and Leone gives up one in 2 hitters.

JaeElArr nw4ever55 Semians 22 Are the Phillies going 0-162 this year. I'll bet they probably have wins over Washington, Atlanta, the Dodgers and probably every other NL team and all of the AL teams they have played.

How many doubles did Elias give up?

JaeElArr nw4ever55 Semians 22 Chill. The M's aren't going to win every game this season. Relax. Most likely Mac tried to save his bullpen. And it's only 1-0. You can't panic.

JaeElArr nw4ever55 Semians 22 And pitched his way out of it.

JaeElArr nw4ever55 Semians 22 It's 1-0. Geez you have to score to win anyway.

Semians nw4ever55 22 Elias is better choice against Phillies LH hitters.

JaeElArr Blame the manager who activated him.