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Topper Bottoms You're right. I was wrong about you.

Goneyard22 nw4ever55 Wins is only part of it. Predicting talent is another, and while I agree that everyone you mentioned was a concern, the questions still had to be answered. They have been with the exception of Miller. Smoak hopefully will be dealt in the off-season. Too much negativity around the guy here. I still say the biggest difference for this team besides adding Cano has been Mac and the coaches. This is a very good staff.

@The Lakewood Pragmatist @nw4ever55 I'm not either for that matter. My only problem now is the chemistry on this team is one of its strongest points. These guys have it and I really don't see the need to change it. I really don't. I think this team can and will run the A's down. Oakland may very well get swept in L.A. next weekend and that will be a crushing blow to all the Brad Pitt fans out there who think he's a god.

ACH Divish is such a step up over Baker, not even a fair comparison. His stories are always better reads because people (players and F.O.) actually like him and talk to him.

Goneyard22 nw4ever55 Topper Bottoms Who's been injured? Nobody in the regular lineup has gone on the DL since the trade.

Topper Bottoms Totally disagree. This is a far better blog now. More of the positive M's fans are coming out and the haters aren't scaring them away now.

@Goneyard22 @nw4ever55 @Topper Bottoms What backs my argument is that he's the only change to the lineup. Again, where were they before the trade and where are they now? That's all you are I have to judge it on. Just like if Z's trades had failed. You guys would be all over him for that. So far so good.

@Goneyard22 @nw4ever55 Jackson for Franklin is a pretty good haul? Heck before he showed in two times up this year he couldn't hit MLB pitching, he was rumored to be in a deal for David Price. I guess he was but Price went to Detroit. I'd say the Tigers got the best of that deal. Jackson is very good defensively but he still is not the offensive weapon we need at the top of the order.
And yes I don't think the M's will win that game if it is in Anaheim. Oakland might be another story now that they don't have Cespedes. But I guarantee you they will not be favored in that game. Wanna Bet?

Topper Bottoms No but apparently you had better retake 5th grade. Before trade A's were the best team in baseball. All but guaranteed of winning the A.L. West. Then they trade their clean up hitter, and now they are fighting for their playoff life and there is a very good chance they could lose all of it. How come everyone around baseball is bashing Brad Pitt for making the trade? Because you don't trade the heart of your order. The one bat that makes everyone else better. Is it any coincidence that Donaldson and Norris have stopped hitting HRs? They sure were feasting with Cespedes in the heart of the lineup.

Savannah is back nw4ever55 The Lakewood Pragmatist Yes you are. And I guess we are going to have to disagree on that. But you simply just want to be negative. Even yesterday, you were part of the bashing until the M's started to comeback. Totally silent after that.

Savannah is back nw4ever55 The Lakewood Pragmatist All you want is your forum to blast the F.O. You've been schooled this year. Absolutely schooled. And now you are trying to run from that by blasting the M's for the past. Not gonna change the fact that you got schooled and the M's did nothing that you wanted after the season started.

@Goneyard22 Yes, I do think it will be very difficult to win that game on the ROAD. I bet on baseball and that is one game I won't touch. Even with Felix or Kuma on the mound. It is way too big of a gamble to waste the young arms. I didn't care about Franklin. He was trade bait the day they signed Cano. I was dead against bringing him up the second time and look what happened. Brought him up and significantly lowered his trade value. Kept Miller all year and there are times like yesterday when that looks brilliant.

Savannah is back nw4ever55 The Lakewood Pragmatist There is no such thing as an insured playoff berth. You could make a trade this week and King could get hurt next time out. There are no guarantees in baseball. And spending money like you want is DEFINITELY not a guarantee.

Savannah is back nw4ever55 The Lakewood Pragmatist Not talking about the last 10 years. Talking about this year. Come on admit it. You got schooled.

Savannah is back nw4ever55 The Lakewood Pragmatist I'm a season ticketholder and I'm not the least bit concerned about next year's. I would be if I were a season-ticket holder in NY, Boston, Detroit, Toronto and any of the other AL big spenders you will be watching the playoffs from home this year. How much did those big budgets help them this year? How do you explain the M's $90 million budget competing with the $200-million plus budgets in NY and Boston?

Goneyard22 nw4ever55 Savannah is back The Lakewood Pragmatist My argument still stands and GMZ did exactly what I wanted. He didn't trade any of the young arms. You guys were ready to trade the farm. Didn't have to to get what helped. Now if they could climb into hosting that one-game playoff it might be different. My stance then is the same as now. Don't trade the young arms for a big gamble this year. Keep the young arms, go forward with a very good team this year and come out next year ready to compete from Game 1.

therookiespeedster prssoapbar Rookie, I usually agree with your wisdom but not on this. Paxton is 9-1 in first 10 MLB decisions. Isn't that enough to warrant a full-time slot in the rotation next year? Yes he got hurt this year. It happens. The good thing Z did by not trading the young pitching talent was to keep the depth. Paxton has looked great in all but one start since coming back.

Savannah is back nw4ever55 The Lakewood Pragmatist You aren't? What does the 2015 budget have to do with this year? You haven't been right about the M's all year. What makes you think are now? I know you aren't.

Topper Bottoms Oh really. Where were the A's in the standings before the trade and where are they now?

Savannah is back The Lakewood Pragmatist There you go again. Mr. Negative Nellie. You own that throne. M's are very good right where they are. No need to trade any of the good young talent. Just stay the course. No need to change any of the chemistry. It's a very good team right now.

Savannah is back Oh you mean you want to have your old Geoff Baker forum so you can just bash the M's F.O. and Z. You were completely wrong about this team from day 1. Completely. They have schooled you in every way possible. And yet here you go again looking for a way to bash the M's over anything you can off the field. This was about on the field. How about you staying between the lines. The blueprint for 2015 is already set. More pitching and improvement from Zunino, Ackley, LoMo, Taylor and Miller. Now that Brad Pitt has traded Cespedes the M's should be ready to leap over the A's and contend with the Angels for the title. No need to let you bash the M's for making that possible.

Great job on the analysis. One issue that I think is very important is manager. The change from crybaby Wedge to man-up McClendon has been highly noticeable, and I believe this change is the difference in several wins for the M's this year. Mac just has a better feel for the game, and for his players. I am big, big Mac believer right now.

northcoaster he didn't look hurt

northcoaster Worst thing about this game was Kuma

@206bound @nw4ever55 he sat out some games in May or June