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pistlpetefan Whadda ya mean? Cano is really putting on a power display.

EasternShoreMsFan And no better experience than in late July in a game that means something. It will help him grow up and be a better pitcher in years to come. Good lessons learned.

JaeElArr nw4ever55 EasternShoreMsFan And young pitchers tend to be inconsistent. And this is great, great experience for him. No better way to learn so that in 2015 when this team is mature enough to be ready to contend for a deep playoff run, he'll have this experience to count on.

JaeElArr nw4ever55 EasternShoreMsFan Sure wish you could have seen the first dozen or so starts to Big Unit's career in Montreal and with M's. Guess this is what you would have said about him. "He'll never be a major-league pitcher."

EasternShoreMsFan And you can tell this from what? A half dozen MLB starts? Amazing ability to predict a career. Are you a scout?

skeer Hurry, tell Bob Payne.

Don o van Tell it like is, sir, tell it like it is.

Savannah is back So just because it has been 12 years, that makes it vital? That's why you would trade a very promising talent like Walker. And by the way, I'm guessing that TB will now hold Price and Zobrist into August because they have climbed half-way back into the AL East race.

@therookiespeedster @nw4ever55 @Savannah is back First off the first round WC 1 vs. WC 2 is a one-and-done game with WC1 hosting. Look at Felix and Kuma's record at Anaheim. Not good. Felix is like 10-13 there. And, you are assuming, Felix and Kuma don't have to pitch the final two games of the regular season just to get into the WC playoff. Which I believe is held on the Tuesday after the season ends on Sunday. Either pitches deep into games on Saturday or Sunday, likely wouldn't start WC game. One and done.

@Savannah is back @nw4ever55 @skeer Yes I did. So?

skeer nw4ever55 LOL.

Savannah is back So why is it vital that they go to the playoffs if the playoffs are a one-and-done WC playin game? How is that vital?

skeer So why not leave and go on a hike. And let those of us who enjoy baseball chat a little.

@DAWG Alum @nw4ever55 @the ravennaboy I am looking at the talent. I just ain't looking through purple glasses. No Price, No Stankey, No ASJ. That's a lot of offense to replace. Rarely do teams start inexperience QBs and survive in the Pac-12.

the ravennaboy Good luck with that one. You are vastly underrating both Arizona schools. Remember the last time the UW went Tucson? Impressive. And WSU will probably surprise you. The only thing on your prediction that is guaranteed is the start, 4-0 against some of the weakest girls in college football. And that will prove absolutely nothing, and could end up hurting more than helping if any serious injuries come out of it. But everyone is expecting the UW big-mouths to be beating their chests and acting like they are something special. 8-5 at best.

Savannah is back I see you chickened out of naming the trade at the deadline that WAS the reason any team made the playoffs. How come?

Savannah is back nw4ever55 Goneyard22 Who signed Cano? Who convinced Felix to stay here? Who drafted Zunino, Jones, Walker, Paxton? You like to harp on the negatives that every GM has on their resume.

Tulo to the DL, well the haters can forget that trade.

Goneyard22 Yeah, I'm sure Z is losing sleep over the Lee trade. I know you still are but he's probably long past that one.

Savannah is back Disagree. This team can make the playoffs as is. Name me a player who WAS the difference in team making the playoffs.

tarheeldawg1 Better hope somebody on Hawaii doesn't decide to chop block him. Might be all for the season on that bad turf over there.

Better hope for no injuries in this game. Otherwise this is the worst scheduling job in the history of college football. You want to be ranked in top 25? You won't be after this game, even if UW wins 55-3 (and anything else will be considered a weak performance by everyone not drinking purple kool-aid). Like I said better hope for no injuries in this game.

@Not Banned Totally against that. Keep them and let's ride em for several years. Instead of a rent-an-arm and watch him leave for his home area.

Desperate Ackley Fan nw4ever55 Just get tired of his constant haranguing. I know he wants the M's to win but doesn't have to ruin for all of us?

Not Banned That's what these people don't get. We aren't the people who can do anything about it. We just want to be entertained and comment on it when we feel like. They just come in here to do one thing. Preach negativity.